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EasyFMD Revision History EasyFMD Revision History (26 March 2019)
  • Added facility to handle a National Hubs 'use and learn' phase
  • Updated to use Arvato API version 3 (so some new functionality available that was not previously available in v2)
    • Product Data is now available
    • Manual Entry option is now available on appropriate screens
  • Barcode Scanner
    • Added Keyboard Wedge configuration wizard which checks if your keyboard wedge barcode scanner is configured correctly to adhere to the EMVO specification (28 February 2019)
    • Improved handling of GS1 special characters
    • On system start, if the currently defined serial barcode scanner is not detected, the user will be prompted to select from a list of serial devices
  • Scanning Packs
    • Now reconnects to the National Hub automatically when something is scanned after a long period of inactivity
    • Users will be notified once a day if their license file is due to expire soon
    • Now displays the '&' character correctly if contained in product description
    • Screen layout adjusted to better cater for lower resolution monitors
    • Added facility to print list of scanned items. Right-click on the scanned items and select the 'Print Grid' option
  • Scanned Log has been updated to show the total number of scans per device
  • Label Configuration
    • System now allows for a different label printer to be associated with each input device
    • Label size now needs to be defined
    • The Printer Dialog screen is now displayed when printing labels, to allow the user to select any non-standard options that are associated with the printer (e.g. rotate 180 degrees)
  • System Options
    • Added facility to Disable Automatic Updates, so that users are not automatically informed when an updated version of EasyFMD is available (e.g. corporate environments) (7 January 2019)
  • System Options
    • Now allows for Arvato Credentials Certificate to be installed either as a machine certificate or as a user certificate (17 December 2018)
  • System Options
    • Added facility to change text displayed on Dispense button
    • Arvato Credentials Certificate can now be imported into the database
    • Added facility to configure Alert and Prescription labels (16 November 2018)
  • Scanning Packs
    • Product name now displayed on all appropriate screens (if available from NBS)
    • Additional Green, Red, Amber image now displayed for all scans
    • Option to print a label when an Alert is raised
  • United Kingdom now added to list of supported National Hubs
  • Additional optional columns available on Scanned Pack Log screen (18 October 2018)
  • Scanning Packs
    • Added new optional 'Toast' style notifications
    • Added option to disable duplicate scan warning
    • Added support for PPN/PZN codes
  • Additional optional columns available on Scanned Pack Log screen
  • Updated list of Operation Codes
  • Added new menu option Scan Raw Data
  • Iceland, Lithuania, Cyprus and Malta now added to list of supported National Hubs
  • Arvato NBS now supported
  • Added initial translation support for different languages
  • Added option to auto start/stop conveyor on screen open/close
  • Fixed some minor profile issues (5 June 2018)
  • Initial general release of EasyFMD

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