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About Quick Pharm

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Quick Pharm Solutions Limited was founded in 2017 to provide user-friendly, multilingual software, hardware and consultancy to the pharmaceutical industry in Ireland, the UK and throughout Europe to allow them to fulfil their obligations under the European Commission Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) and Medical Devices Regulation (MDR/IVDR).

We quickly realised Retail Pharmacies, Hospitals and Wholesalers had similar obligations. We have since developed a suite of software, designed custom conveyor systems (capable of scanning up to 4,000 packs per hour) and serialisation solutions.

With over 30 years IT experience and 25 years Pharma experience we provide advice and consultancy to a wide range of customers and are recognised by our peers, customers and competitors alike, for quality of software, attention to detail and exceptional customer service.

Our highly experienced professionals with strong scientific backgrounds are seasoned industry experts that have valuable and unique insights into the workings of the pharmaceutical industry.

Some of our customers include EMVO (European Medicines Verification Organisation and multiple NMVS’s (Nation Medicine Verification Systems) in addition to many pharmacies, wholesalers, importers and other healthcare institutions throughout the E.U.

Our Solutions


Direct Connect Manager is an easy to install suite of software modules developed for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Parallel Importers. This solution provides all the necessary functionality to complete all the steps required to be fully compliant under the False Medicines Directive.


EasyFMD software solution for pharmaceutical wholesalers, hospitals and retail pharmacies reduces the regulatory and logistic burden of being Falsified Medicines Directive FMD (2011/62/EU) compliant making the process of recording the medicinal packs serial numbers fast and simple to achieve an end-to-end traceability.

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EudaMed Connect is an easy to use standalone application that helps Medical Device Importers, wholesalers, hospitals and clinics achieve Medical Devices Regulations (MDR) compliance by simplifying the process of recording the medical devices serial numbers and improving their reporting capabilities efficiently and accurately.


Lir Software's EazyEFT (our direct debit software), is an easy to use software application that generates SEPA compliant PAIN.008 (direct debits) and PAIN.001 (bulk credit payments) XML files for uploading to your bank.

Our Customers


Our Partners

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