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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What version of EasyFMD do I need for my business?
    EasyFMD Lite: Developed for individual community pharmacies. EasyFMD Lite provides all the necessary functionality to connect to your NMVS using hand held barcode scanners. EasyFMD Plus: Developed for larger pharmacy chains, small hospitals and smaller wholesalers. EasyFMD Plus provides all the necessary functionality to connect to your NMVS using hand held barcode scanners. EasyFMD Enterprise: Developed for large hospitals and large wholesalers requiring high volume scanning capabilities. EasyFMD Enterprise works in conjunction with our versatile high-speed conveyor scanning solution and is also compatible with hand held bar code scanners. Uses both high-speed conveyors (approx. 1200 packs per hour) and standard hand held 2D barcode scanners (serial port emulation recommended). Will also operate with presentation scanners and in counter scanners if required PC connected to conveyor belt will require a touch screen monitor Mix and match number of conveyors and number/type of scanners as required
  • What are the steps to get started?
    1. Register with NMVS 2. Download EasyFMD 3. Start scanning and achieve compliance
  • What is included with my annual licence fee?
    Regular functionality updates Technical support Standalone Windows application that facilitates both online and offline scanning. Prepare Prescription function for prescriptions made up in advance. Comprehensive online help Comprehensive security (including Active Directory support) Full history of every packed scanned
  • Can I try EasyFMD before I buy?
    Absolutely! Free Fully Functional Evaluation download available Quick Pharm Solutions firmly believe that the best way to evaluate any piece of software is to try it out. We therefore have a fully functional time limited evaluation version of EasyFMD that you can download, install and evaluate (at no cost and with no obligation). Simply go to our downloads page on
  • Our volumes are increasing. How can we speed up verification?
    Quick Pharm Solutions can also provide high speed bespoke conveyors capable of scanning up to 4,000 packs per hour. These conveyors can be tailored for your specific needs and available space. Fully integrated with EasyFMD, verification and decommissioning functions can be performed without the need for increases in staffing levels.
  • When was the EasyFMD released?
    EasyFMD was first certified by the Irish Medicines Verification Organisation on April 23rd 2018 and is compatible with all NMVS’s in the E.U. including SecurMed UK.
  • What is the contract length?
    Our EasyFMD software is based on an annual licence fee and there is no set contract duration. The initial licence will be valid for one year from the date the initial payment is received. Prior to expiry, automated reminders will be sent to inform you that a new licence needs to be purchased. If you choose not to renew your licence, EasyFMD will revert back to Evaluation Mode.
  • What is the cost of set/up (if applicable)?
    There are no additional setup costs - our EasyFMD software can be easily downloaded and installed with full step by step instructions available on our website.
  • Is onsite training Included ?
    For 99% of our customers, onsite training is NOT required as we will do all the initial training via remote sessions and webinars. This is included in the annual fee above. For the handful of customers who insist on onsite training, a per day charge will apply. Please contact our Customer Helpline number above, or email us at for further details.
  • Do I have to pay any tax as I am based in the E.U.?
    All Irish customers are subject to VAT at 23%. For EU customers with a valid VAT number, VAT to be accounted for on the reverse charge basis. EU customers who do not supply a valid VAT number will be subject to VAT at the current Irish rate of 23%.
  • What is the cost of scanners (if applicable)?
    The system works with any industry standard 2-D barcode scanner that is compatible with the operating system of the PC that the scanner is connected to. It is important to note that nearly every 2-D barcode scanner on the market is shipped, in what is called keyboard wedge mode. The better models can also be easily configured to switch from the default keyboard wedge mode to serial port emulation mode. Whilst our EasyFMD system equally supports both modes, we would highly recommend that scanners that support serial port emulation are used. When a scanner is in keyboard wedge mode, it is actually operating as a keyboard. So, when a pack is scanned the details from the scan go into whatever application has focus on the screen and not necessarily into the intended decommissioning solution. If a scanner is in serial port emulation mode then the system can claim ownership of the scanner, so whenever a pack is scanned the details from the scan go into the system, even if the system is minimised or running in the background. We are advising our customers to source scanners locally.
  • I'm trying to log in to EasyFMD and I keep getting an 'Invalid user name or password' ?
    Please note that your user name will always be in CAPITALS, but that your password is case sensitive. If you have entered your password incorrectly 5 times then you will be locked out of EasyFMD for 5 minutes. Even if you remember what your password is, you cannot enter it until your lockout period expires. Otherwise you will be locked out for another 5 minutes from that point in time. If you have only a single user configured to use EasyFMD then you have no choice but to wait 6 or 7 minutes and then try again. If you have more than one user configured, then you (or your system administrator) can log in using a different user name and password and go into Security >> Users. If any user accounts are 'locked out' the lock symbol will be displayed opposite their name as shown below. To unlock the account, just click Clear Lock and click on Save. That user should now be able to log back into EasyFMD as normal.
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