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Quick Pharm Solutions
Serialisation Managed Service

Save time and money on FMD Compliance

FMD Compliance made easy

Meet all your FMD obligations without the hassle

Seamless EMVO integration

Connect to the EMVO database with ease

Cost-effective & time saving

Save money and free up your team's time

Quick Pharm Solutions Logo Review (4).png

Are you looking to make savings and streamline your FMD serialisation processes?

Our Serialisation Managed Service is the cost-effective and efficient solution you've been looking for. We help Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, and Market Authorisation Holders achieve effortless FMD compliance.

Serialisation managed services cost savings

Simplify FMD compliance with our Managed Service

Huge savings

Switch to our service and see the difference in your budget. All our clients have enjoyed significant cost reductions.

Effortless EMVO connection

We handle the entire process of connecting you to the EMVO database, saving you time and technical headaches.

Expertise you can trust

FMD compliance can be complex. Let our serialisation experts manage everything for you.

What's included in the Serialisation Managed Service?

  • Secure EMVO connection setup and management

  • Master product data management and sign-off sheets

  • Upload of master product details and serialised pack data

  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities

  • Integration with leading CMO systems (Tracelink, Rfxcel, etc.)

  • MAH/CMO Web Portal Dashboard for easy access

  • Serial number request and response management (where applicable)

  • Alert Management system to stay on top of any issues

  • Guaranteed FMD (2011/62/EU) compliance

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Ready to make savings and streamline your FMD serialisation processes?

Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and see how our Serialisation Managed Service can help you achieve effortless FMD compliance at a fraction of the cost.

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