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QPS Central
Your All-in-One Production Software Suite for Parallel Importers

Streamline Parallel Importing with End-to-End Production Management

FMD Compliance made easy

Meet all your FMD obligations without the hassle

Seamless EMVO integration

Connect to the EMVO database with ease

Cost-effective & time saving

Save money and free up your team's time

QPS Central logo.png

Quick Pharm Solutions Parallel Importer Production Software Suite simplifies and automates your entire production process, from managing stock levels to batch releases.

Workers at Warehouse Computer

Simplify FMD compliance with our Managed Service

Improved Efficiency

Reduce manual processes and save valuable time.

Enhanced Accuracy

Minimize errors with real-time data capture and integrated systems.

Increased Visibility

Gain real-time insights into your production processes.


Our software adapts to your growing business needs.

Here's how QPS Central empowers Parallel Importers

Effortless Product Management

  • Configure product details 

  • Manage minimum stock levels 

  • Record licenses 

  • Record storage conditions

  • Manage products with detailed incoming and outgoing information

  • Simplify packaging e.g. boxes, labels, and patient information leaflets (PILs)

Boost Production Efficiency

  • Track all client jobs and deliveries due with ease

  • Manage batch receipts and production with comprehensive documentation

  • Gain real-time insights into your workflow with a dedicated dashboard

  • Ensure smooth operation in the production room

  • Access product documentation readily during production

Seamless Integration

  • Integrate seamlessly with Direct Connect Manager (our serialisation software application) and your preferred labelling software (e.g. NiceLabel, LabelView, Bartender), for efficient workflows

Enhanced Data Capture

  • Utilise hand-held scanners from leading brands (Datalogic, Zebra, Honeywell, Newlands) for accurate data entry

Automated Systems

  • Optimise production with desktop and full-sized conveyor integration 

  • Simplify printing with Domino G Series and Novexx printers

  • Leverage Microhawk cameras for enhanced data capture

Why choose QPS Central?

Our software suite not only simplifies complex processes but also ensures full compliance with industry standards. 


With QPS Central, you gain control, visibility, and efficiency across all aspects of your production cycle. Whether you’re managing inventory, tracking batches, or ensuring regulatory compliance, QPS Central is your trusted partner in achieving operational excellence.

Workers at Warehouse Computer

Ready to transform your production process?

Contact us today to learn how QPS Central can elevate your parallel import operations.
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