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Scanning Box for Shipment
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The easy way to optimise medicine packs aggregation for your HSE hospital clients

Are you being asked by HSE hospitals for an aggregation service?

We can help.

Reduce manual scanning

Save time
Easily identify the quantity of stock at any point in the distribution chain
Improve efficiency and accuracy

Save your hospital clients valuable time and resources

Reduce manual individual scanning

easyfmd Aggregation Logo.png

Ensure regulatory compliance

Improve process efficiency and accuracy

Improve efficiency of your distribution chain

Why scan many individual packs and cases when you can scan just one code outside the case or pallet?

Save your HSE hospital clients valuable time and resources by complementing your serialization process with EasyFMD aggregation today.

What is EasyFMD Aggregation?

Quick Pharm Solutions EasyFMD Aggregation Edition is an easy-to-use application that provides aggregation capabilities for pharmaceutical wholesalers and manufacturers through the HSE Aggregation Hub.

Delivery Boxes in a Truck

How does EasyFMD Aggregation work? 

Pharmaceutical aggregation refers to the process of combining individual doses of medication into larger units for packaging, transportation, and distribution.

Aggregation is an important step in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process, as it allows medications to be packaged in a way that makes them easier to transport, store, and dispense.


EasyFMD Aggregation solution creates codes that are added to the outside of cases and pallets to identify the individual pack-level products inside. 

This makes it possible to find out what is inside a case or pallet by scanning the code on the outside, without having to open the case to get the serial number of each individual pack-level product.

How can EasyFMD Aggregation help enable your wholesale business provide an aggregation service to HSE hospitals?

  • EasyFMD Aggregates creates parent codes that allow HSE hospitals to reduce the number of manual code scans

  • Simplifies the medicine pack scanning process for your clients

  • Saves significant time for HSE hospitals receiving medicine pallets

  • Quickly and easily identifies the quantity of stock at any point in the distribution chain with a simple scan of the barcode on a case or pallet

One Code for All Aggregation Levels

With EasyFMD Aggregation scan one code no matter the level of aggregation required for maximum medicine goods-in process efficacy and accuracy

 Why implement aggregation?

Even though aggregation is not required under FMD, many manufacturers are choosing to implement serialisation solutions that include it because the benefits outweigh the cost. 


Implementing EasyFMD Aggregation as part of the serialisation solution on your production lines will give you an advantage over competitors not only addressing the compliance requirements for FMD in the most efficient way but also by helping your HSE hospital clients identify additional improvements in the pharmacy workflow and the medicines discharge process saving them valuable time and reducing costs significantly.

Before aggregation

Recipient to open each box or bundle to scan each medicine pack

Many barcodes to scan

Difficult to find out the quantity of stock from a batch that is at different points in the distribution chain

After aggregation

Recipient doesn't need to open each case or bundle to scan medicine packs

A single barcode to scan

Quickly and easily identify the quantity of stock at any point in the distribution chain with a simple scan of the barcode on a case or pallet

Doctor and Patient

With EasyFMD Aggregation everyone wins 

Aggregation also benefits others in your distribution chain, including third-party logistics providers and distributors


  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Get more orders from hospitals and gain new clients

  • Stay ahead of the competition

HSE Hospitals

  • Huge time-saving feature

  • Receipt stock at the hospital in a matter of seconds

  • Optimise the medicines discharge process

Keep ahead of the competition with EasyFMD today and watch customer satisfaction soar


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